Volunteer Membership No Longer Required

September 16, 2019
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


Volunteer Membership No Longer Required
Trail Conference membership card and volunteer T-Shirt. Photo by Heather Darley.


The Trail Conference is a volunteer-powered organization, and volunteers contribute a lot of hard work needed to fulfill our mission.

Our goal has always been to support these volunteers, which is why the Trail Conference is repealing its long-time policy that volunteers must purchase a membership in order to hold positions as Trail Maintainers, Supervisors, Chairs, or Crew Leaders. This change goes into effect Sept. 16.

We’ve been told by both active and prospective volunteers that this policy creates a barrier and frustration, and we have heard you. We recognize that, as a volunteer, you are already sharing your most precious resource—your time—and that is invaluable. In fact, last year Trail Conference volunteers donated an incredible 103,771 hours!

While you are no longer required to be a member to volunteer, we hope you continue your membership and/or donate what you can. However you do choose to support us—time, money, or both—THANK YOU.

If you have any questions about the change in this policy, please email [email protected].