New Long Path Construction In The Catskill Mountains

March 27, 2014
Jeff Senterman
New York-New Jersey Trail Conference


New Long Path Construction In The Catskill Mountains
The Trail Crew working on Cross Mountain


New Section Opens in the Catskills

This summer, the Trail Conference completed a new nine-mile section of the Long Path that creates a backcountry hiking trail connection between the Village of Phoenicia and the Burroughs Range Trail in the Slide Mountain Wilderness. Trail Crew on Romer Mountain

Trail work began on this project in 2012, and volunteers have already spent over 1,500 hours building the section of trail that goes between Phoenicia and Romer Mountain. This year, work continues from Romer Mountain southward over Mount Pleasant and Cross Mountains and from the north near Wittenberg Mountain.  

Trail Crews tackled the construction through a series of day-long and week-long trips throughout the summer of 2013 and spring of 2014.  In addition specialized volunteers crews from the Trail Conference, including the Jolly Rovers and the Long Distance Trail Crew have spent time on the mountains, doing rock work and specialized tread building.

This new section of the Long Path represents the longest section of new trail in the Catskill Park since the construction of the Warner Creek Trail by the Trail Conference over a decade ago.

Download a map and guide for this new section of the Long Path

About our Programs in the Catskill Mountains

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference maintains 29 lean-tos and over 200 miles of trails in the Catskill Park's Forest Preserve. These volunteers are supported by the Trail Conference staff.  The staff aim to support our volunteer efforts in the region, boost local economic development by making the public open space lands of the Catskill Park more accessible and appealing, and to engage more local residents in the stewardship of Catskill trails and parklands.  Our staff work closely with trail volunteers, state and local agencies, and community groups to enhance and promote recreational trails, lean-tos and access to open space in the region.

For more information, or if you have any questions about our programs in the Catskill Mountains, please email us at [email protected]

Get InvolvedOne of the many stunning views along the new section of the Long Path

In addition to our volunteering, the Trail Conference needs your donations to keep our trails programs running.  Our staff support volunteers in the region and we provide materials, training and supplies for our crews and volunteers.  If you are unable to volunteer on a crew, or even if you already have been on the mountain, but still want to help the Trail Conference continue our work in the Catskill Mountains, consider supporting our Trail Programs in the Catskill Mountains by donating to the Trail Conference and your donation will be put to work on the trails, lean-tos and bridges of the Catskill Mountains and Catskill Park.